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International Legal Consortium Blog (ILCB)

RECENT UPDATE: ILCB March 2024 Issue
The Editorial Board of International Legal Consortium Blog (ILCB) is inviting submissions from academicians, practitioners, legal luminaries and students for our March 2024 Issue. This is an exciting opportunity for all International law enthusiasts to showcase your expertise and proclivities in the field of International law. 

The International Legal Consortium Blog (ILCB) is the flagship writing platform of JSIL, dedicated to advancing discourse on various aspects of International law. Our goal is to create a dynamic space where those passionate about International law can participate and engage in stimulating discussions, and further its exploration. We firmly believe that the realm of international law holds an abundance of untapped potential, and the current discourse merely skims the surface of its vast intricacies. It is our steadfast endeavor to provide an outlet for individuals to delve deeper, encouraging the cultivation of conversations that are not only pioneering but also intellectually stimulating. Through ILCB, we aim to catalyze a new era of exploration and engagement in the ever-evolving landscape of international law

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