Supporting Events

At the Jindal Society of International Law, we believe in supporting other initiatives which aim to engage students on pertinent matters in International Law.

Online Zoom Conference – International Criminal Justice in an ‘Age of Misinformation’
September 16-17, 2021


Taking place on the 16th and 17th of September 2021, a topical online event will explore the communication challenges facing internationalised criminal tribunals in today’s misinformation age. In association with the Society of Legal Scholars and the Journal of International Criminal Justice, the University of Northumbria Law School brings together scholars, practitioners, journalists, and public affairs professionals, to consider how, in a misinformation age, international(ized) criminal tribunals (ICTs) communicate with stakeholders and out to the public at large. Equally, and at a time of increasing demand for ‘freedom of information', i.e., the ‘right to know’, the conference will renew analysis of activities such as outreach, public information, and external relations. The conference aims to boost the academic and practical understanding of communication and misinformation for all those engaged in the field of international criminal justice. All are invited to attend and contribute to the debate. For further details of the speakers, papers, programme and how to register for free please click here. 

Shared by: Dr Birju Kotecha, Senior Lecturer in Law and Bar Course Admissions Tutor at Northumbria Law School.