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International Agora

January 24, 2022

International Agora is launching verticals on (1) International Commercial Law, (2) International Dispute Resolution Mechanisms. We believe that all of these fields hold immense potential for further exploration and we have only just scratched the surface. These verticals are seeking applications for certain positions, namely (1) Editors, (2) Content Writers and (3) Coordinating Editors.

International Agora is a writing platform which aims to further the vision of the society by promoting meaningful discourse on the various subject matters within the field of international law. The vision is to create a platform where everyone who is interested in International law can participate, discuss and further promote this field of study. There is immense scope and potential in this field and we at JSIL believe, that the existing discourse on it has just scratched the surface. We hence, wish to provide an outlet to further engage and foster conversations that are novel, interesting and stimulating. 

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