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About Us

Law enforcement at the international stage, and its effectiveness is something that has been debated by scholars time and again. Due to confusions about the same, people are often vary of approaching these international courts and judicial bodies, wondering whether it will give them adequate relief or not, even more so in private international law matters. This is where Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanisms come in as a “saviour” to all the foreign investors, traders, etc. These mechanisms aim to provide faster, and more adequate relief to parties without having to approach the Courts and engage in a full-blown legal battle. Over the years, the use of international arbitration, mediation, etc. has evolved with adequate legal backing to allow parties from different legal backgrounds to resolve their disputes in a peaceful, final, and binding manner without much hassle.

This field, since it is relatively new and is still developing, has a lot that is still left to be explored, and it is something that this dispute settlement vertical at the Jindal Society of International Law aims to focus on. The purpose of launching this vertical is to engage with this topic in a creative, and intellectually stimulating way and to bring to the attention of all those interested, all the new information we uncover on this journey. We also wish to provide a platform to research, and potentially come up with innovative ideas in this field. We want to create a space where all people with similar interests can come together and discuss any and all old and new ideas in the interesting and ever evolving area of international dispute settlement. The vertical will focus on topics like mediation in international conflict management, investor state arbitration, dispute resolution in the World Trade Organisation, how various tribunals and treaties were formed, the importance of such mechanisms, the need to have such mechanisms, their positive and negative effects, and many more things not mentioned here. The scope is infinite!

This vertical will consist of  a written section with a blog, and provide learning opportunities to all with workshops and panels, and many more things in the future. Being under the aegis of JSIL also provides the vertical the opportunity to work with eminent scholars, academicians, and professionals in this field, enhancing the experience even further. With a group of extremely dedicated individuals who have a keen interest in this subject, we aim to take this vertical to great heights!

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