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Call for Applications

Various Positions at Jindal Society of International Law Verticals 

Greetings from the Jindal Society of International Law! We are a student-led initiative at O.P. Jindal Global University, under the aegis of the Centre for the Study of United Nations, and guidance of Faculty Coordinator Professor (Dr.) Vesselin Popovski. Founded in 2020, this Society is an initiative to provide a platform to young international law enthusiasts. The society is supported by its acclaimed advisors, and undertakes a wide variety of initiatives. The Society has various endeavours, and is seeking applications for various positions for its writing platforms. The three platforms, two of which are forthcoming, are as follows:


(Applications Open: Editor)

ABOUT: The writing platform, International Agora, aims to further the vision of the society by promoting meaningful discourse on the various subject matters within the field of international law. The aim is to create a platform where everyone who is interested in International law can participate, discuss and further promote this field of study. There is immense scope and potential in this field and we at JSIL believe, that the existing discourse on it has just scratched the surface. We hence, wish to provide an outlet to further engage and foster conversations that are novel, interesting and stimulating. 

(Applications Open: Editor, Content Writer)

ABOUT: The aim of International Dispute Settlement Mechanisms  is to provide resolution of an international platform. It usually involves a neutral third party (institutions or individuals) to bring out a workable settlement between parties in a peaceful manner, such as the International Centre for Dispute Resolution. Over the years, through the evolution of treaty laws, various doctrines such as non-exhaustion have been cemented. Thus, if parties do not abide by signed treaties, it results in a growing need for having dispute mechanisms in place. The purpose of this vertical is to engage in more research and bring to the attention of students, the interesting work that is coming up in this area. Given the deficit in information, this platform seeks to educate and provide innovative solutions. It is a space for interested individuals to congregate, deliberate and discuss and come up with new solutions for the new problems.

(Applications Open: Editor, Content Writer)

ABOUT: The International Commercial Law Vertical aims at furthering the vision of a global business world. We wish to create a platform that would help students engage with topics in the business field to develop their commercial awareness acumen. In this pursuit the vertical will have two broad publications: Short Articles and Research Articles. Both these categories would be dealing with different aspects in the field. The former would engage more with current affairs, while the latter will dive into the nuances of various theoretical concepts in International Commercial Law.


With regard to the specifications above, the general responsibilities for the three positions are as follows:

1. EDITOR: The responsibilities of an editor mainly involve (1) Review of contributions submitted and assessing their substantive quality, (2) Making recommendations to improve the readability of the piece, (3) Thoroughly checking and suggesting edits for the content, including but not limited to grammatical, structural, and stylistic comments, (4) Coordination and communication with contributors, (5) Occasionally may also need to make “Editorial Submissions” in the form of article contributions for the blog. For the application, there is a requirement for submitting an editorial assignment, the link of which is on the relevant application page. Anyone who is pursuing, or has completed, any law/legal degree are welcome to apply. Applicants must have studied International Law formally and should display an avid interest in this field. 
2. CONTENT WRITER: The responsibilities of a content writer mainly involve (1) Researching and writing on particular subject-matters in international law, depending on the vertical and its requirements, (2) Brainstorm ideas and topics and participate in meetings, (3) Contributing to with any other research/writing requirements are collectively agreed upon. Each vertical has its own vision and requirement, so please refer below in their description for details. Anyone who is pursuing, or has completed, any law/legal degree are welcome to apply. Applicants must have studied International Law formally and should display an avid interest in this field. 

Each vertical is soliciting applications for their separate team, and you are only allowed to apply for one position with one vertical. The descriptions of the verticals are above. Please pay attention to the details and associated positions before applying. 

NOTE: Shortlisted candidates will be notified separately for an interview round. Non-appearance for the interview without prior informing shall result in disqualification of the application. 

TERM: The positions of EDITOR and CONTENT WRITER are for a period of six months, from February onwards. It is extendable upon performance and willingness. 

DEADLINE: Kindly apply using the form below by 22 February 2022, by 11:59pm. Selected Participants shall be individually contacted. 


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